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Ganister Station is an Adult Day Service for developmentally disabled persons. We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare Office of Developmental Programs. When serving persons over the age of 60, we are monitored by the Department of Welfare Office of Aging. Our Staff are dedicated to promoting an environment that supports the development of the individual to their fullest potential. This will be done through instruction, education and caring in such a way to promote and nurture each individual. We offer the opportunity to achieve their goals toward living a life of independence and fulfillment to the utmost of their ability.

Each day should be a fun adventure and in that adventure we hope to develop skills, develop friendships and discover dreams. We strongly advocate community connections that will allow individuals to develop and enhance their personal strengths, promote emotional, physical and social skills to the best of their ability.

We are a privately owned, non-profit organization that has been operating in Blair County since 2005. We have additional locations in Somerset, since 2009 and Ebensburg (Mineral Point) since 2015. We serve adults with developmental disabilities, providing daytime support.

Our services are generally contracted by the local Department of Human Services (DHS) office of the county in which you reside. Other resources may be available - Please contact us for information.
Persons seeking services need to complete an application that includes medical history, physical, Individual Service Plans (ISP), and any additional information which will help us in meeting personal needs.

It is important that we understand the personal, physical and emotional needs of the person in order to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

We must empower and support all people with developmental disabilities to realize their own vision for their lives.

To accomplish this we must all work together to do whatever it takes to enable each individual to realize his or her unique vision. This will only happen when we put people with developmental disabilities first and support them one person at a time.

1384 Juniata River Road
Williamsburg, PA 16693

Mineral Point
1147 Pike Road
Mineral Point, PA 15942

129 Brantwood Road
Somerset, PA 15501


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