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Ganister Station is a non-profit organization that provides adult day care services.  It was established by Theresa and David Mattern in 2005.  They wanted to create a family-oriented organization where people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities could go to enjoy participating in activities and going on community outings Monday through Friday.  Their first adult day care was opened in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania.  Theresa received calls from people in other counties asking for her to consider opening day programs for their loved ones to attend.  Due to this need, she opened three more adult day cares in Somerset, Mineral Point, and Windber.

Today, Ganister Station provides medical and personal care supports and transportation for people with intellectual disabilities within our communities in Blair, Cambria, and Somerset Counties.  The people who attend the adult day care program participate in a wide variety of daily activities to give them opportunities to grow, change, and develop greater independence while experiencing an every day life.

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A typical day at one of our day programs starts around 8am.  Participants enjoy having coffee, tea, or some other beverage and interacting and socializing with staff and other people who are attending the program.  They participate in some morning activities such as the Pledge of Allegiance, some warm-up exercises, devotionals, or maybe a game.  Those who wish to go out into the community are transported and accompanied by staff to whatever activity that the participant wishes to do for the day.  These activities may include trips to local stores, trails, parks, zoos, and sporting events.  They may go bowling or to the movie theatre.  Some folks like to volunteer at local organizations.   A participant may wish to eat lunch out at a restaurant or they can pack a lunch to eat at the day program with their peers.  Afternoons consist of more outings or participating in activities at the day program doing things such as crafts, games, cooking classes, dancing, watching movies, decorating for various seasons, and planting flowers.  Participants can help with chores such as dishes and light laundry if they so desire.  Some folks like to bring their own laptops or tablets to program and play games on these devices.  People usually prepare to go home around 3:30-4pm.

If you are looking for a day program where you can make friends and participate in activities in the community while being supported by caring highly-trained staff, contact us today to see if Ganister Station is a good fit for you!

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